1. Just got some distro items from Hot Green Records today! I’m super stoked to have these. Big thanks to Peter and everyone at Hot Green.  

    Algernon Cadwallader - “Some Kind of Cadwallader”

    • (I got the cd of this for Christmas one year. Legendary album.)

    Algernon Cadwallader - “Parrot Flies”

    • (Until today, I thought this was called “Parrot Files." This is a mega ripper.)

    Hop Along - “Get Disowned”

    • (This album has ruled my life for a long time. Let it rule yours.)

    Hurry - “Everything/Nothing”

    • (Hop Along and Algernon have graced a many of my mixtapes. This probably will too. I can’t wait to listen to this on a cool, Fall day while I skate. Listen to Matt’s radio program!)

    Get these babies!


    Recently jamming: Lou Donaldson, man!, Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane, what!, John John’s new project, ooooh!


  2. I added merchandise to the bandcamp. Now you can get digital downloads right when you buy the physical copy! Wow! Or you can just download everything for free…

    Recently jamming: This was stuck in my head when I was cutting strawberries at work. This was stuck in my head when I was spraying dishes at work.

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  4. cartedevisiteblog:

    Jam these free tunes! Get your sweater on!

    These are free/name your price! JAM THEM OUTSIDE! JAAAAAAMMM!!!!!

  5. A sad farewell to Stonechat. They played their last show last night and damn was it a memorable one. You can check out a bunch of pictures (including the ones above) by Stephen Houldsworth here. I’m sure more pictures and videos will surface soon. John still has his band Lions Eat Grass, which Sean now plays drums in. Sean has another band called Hardbody, and be on the lookout for a new “rawq band” he’ll be involved with. Charlie will probably/hopefully be occupied with his HiLo Recordings. Stonechat was a truly incredible band and I will miss them greatly. Now go download everything from Stonechat’s bandcamp.

    In other news, “Be A River by Carte de Visite is a year old today. I decided to make that and the “We Live, We Grow, We Change” tape available for pay what you want on bandcamp. You can download every Float Away, Dangling release for free if you’d like. Get ‘em here! For physical copies in the 314, go to Apop records, Euclid records, or Vintage Vinyl. For all you 618-ers, meet me at The Pie Pantry in Belleville. Everyone else, go to the online store. FAD 006 and some distro items are coming soon! Get outside and soak up Fall!

    Recently jamming:  Literature, It Looks Sad., the BLT with fries and coffee and a slice of coconut cream or cherry crumb pie at The Pie Pantry.

  6. Here’s a video of me flipping through my photo book, “This Coffee Looks Like Liquid Turd, Man!” The audio is a cell phone recording from my jam the other day. A new release is in the works. :)

    Buy it here: http://floatawaydangling.storenvy.com/products/7695057-this-coffee-looks-like-liquid-turd-man


  7. cartedevisiteblog:

    hey tumblr people, check out my label and give it a “like” if you’re remotely interested in it! or not, that’s fine too. i also have a tumblr for it, if you’re into tumblr. yeah… :)


    hey…facebook…yeah… :)


  8. I kinda tightened up the store…lowered some prices and added a bunch of things from my personal collection. New stuff in the works. :)

    Recently jamming: Deep Sea Diver’s new cd, Wild Ones, Mariah…i’m gonna save up for some roller blades and a nice FUBU shirt… 

  9. I made some stickers out of printer labels. Each one is hand stamped and drawn. Free with any order from the store, or if you do a cool dance with me. I’ve been weeding out things, so expect new items to the store and random tapes and whatnot with your orders. Recently jamming Julie Doiron, Angel Olsen, Kimbra…go outside or something. I’m excited for Autumn.


  10. cartedevisiteblog:

    this is a fairly old demo. it is featured on this cassette tape i made…