1. cartedevisiteblog:

    hey tumblr people, check out my label and give it a “like” if you’re remotely interested in it! or not, that’s fine too. i also have a tumblr for it, if you’re into tumblr. yeah… :)


    hey…facebook…yeah… :)


  2. I kinda tightened up the store…lowered some prices and added a bunch of things from my personal collection. New stuff in the works. :)

    Recently jamming: Deep Sea Diver’s new cd, Wild Ones, Mariah…i’m gonna save up for some roller blades and a nice FUBU shirt… 

  3. I made some stickers out of printer labels. Each one is hand stamped and drawn. Free with any order from the store, or if you do a cool dance with me. I’ve been weeding out things, so expect new items to the store and random tapes and whatnot with your orders. Recently jamming Julie Doiron, Angel Olsen, Kimbra…go outside or something. I’m excited for Autumn.


  4. cartedevisiteblog:

    this is a fairly old demo. it is featured on this cassette tape i made… 

  6. First catalog flyer. Everything I do is a rip off of Joss Whedon. Eating sloppy joes now. This album has ruled my life the last three days. 

  7. cartedevisiteblog:

    got a handful of carte de visite shirts/tank tops/sweatshirts/patches left. no shows happening soon, so i threw them in the online store. if you live in the area and don’t wanna pay shipping, GET AT ME! maybe new shirts if these sell out.  




  8. cartedevisiteblog:

    I combined some single tracks into a “Singles” album. Live/compilation/extra songs. A forgotten, forgettable track titled “Gaze.” I don’t really like it anymore, but check out the nice picture of my cat Tipper. She has guest vocals on “September 17, 2013.”


  9. I updated the online store. Added new items/combined some. There’s only one or two copies of most of the distro stuff. Also, I made a Facebook not long ago. You can get updates on there if that’s your thing.

    Currently jamming: http://youtu.be/12JJ3yZDpO0


  10. cartedevisiteblog:

    You can buy the Be A River 7” and We Live, We Grow, We Change Tape from bandcamp, if you wish to do so. Digital downloads included! Woo! Or you can still buy them from the Float Away, Dangling store, if you wish to do so.